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Our core competences are:


  • Assessment and modelling of geochemical reactions in groundwater, tailings, waste rock dumps and at contaminated sites
  • Experimental investigations and modelling of coupled dissolution and precipitation processes
  • Assessment and modelling of soil - rock interactions
  • Characterization and balancing of precipitation processes occurring when different solutions are mixed (for example during grouting or geothermal operations as well as in the course of deep well disposal actions)
  • Development of wastewater treatment technologies including upgrading of existing
  • Development of environmental management plans and monitoring


  • Development, test and modification of grouts based on cement, cement / fly ash / bentonite – mixtures, acrylates, urethanes and epoxides
  • Development of technologies for sealing water or brine inflows into mines by using mineral formation from supersaturated solutions (Gypsum, CaCO3, Ca(OH)2 etc.) provoked mineral formation)
  • Characterization and optimization of grouts based on colloidal silica and water glass (sodium silicate) solutions
  • Development of grouts based on latex or bitumen emulsions
  • Development and testing of materials for slurry walls

Apart from material development and testing we offer comprehensive support in the development of concepts, strategies and technologies for sealing off water inflows into mines, shafts or tunnels.

We offer the following laboratory / field tests:

  • Viscosity determination (rotation viscometer, cone-plate viscometer, Marsh-funnel)
  • Determination of density, setting time, bleeding
  • Characterization the mechanical properties as well as swelling or shrinkage
  • Measurement of swelling pressure
  • Resistance to salt solutions, aggressive waters, temperature and special environments
  • Characterization of the injectability of rock and soil formations
  • Determination of foaming behavior, water retention and temperature development during the setting of grouts
  • Miscibility of grouts
  • Permeability determination after grouting
  • Determination of the long time stability of grouted zones
  • Determination of the environmental impact of grouts

On-site we offer:

  • Field tests
  • Training in using the grouts
  • Quality control