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We offer the following services:

Comprehensive analysis of materials by standard methods as well as determination of physical-chemical characteristics

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Service Analytics
DTA/TGA │ UV-VIS │ Particle size │ Characterization of Construction materials │ Viscosity

We offer:

  • Analytics of salts and salt solutions
  • Determination of TOC, COD and other parameters
  • Characterization of thermal decomposition of organic and inorganic materials at temperatures up to 1500°C by means of DTA/TGA measurements
  • Particle size analysis (sieve analysis, laser diffraction)
  • Determination of compressive, bending and tensile strength
  • Recording of UV-VIS spectra
  • Determination of ultrasonic run time in different materials
  • Colloidal mixing
  • Viscosity determinations (rotary viscometer, cone – plane viscometer)
  • Characterization of construction materials
  • Permeability measurements on soils and rock
  • Eluation behavior of contaminants from soil, rock and artificial materials (e.g. backfill, waste rock, tailings) in accordance with DIN 38414-S4
  • Determination of refractive index, melting point and boiling point

We offer special training courses concerning the Chemistry of Salts and Salt Solutions, Chemical Technology and the use of Nanolime for Restoration.

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Training Courses
Phase equilibriums │ Oceanic salts │ Salt processing │ Phase diagrams │ Quinary system │ CaLoSiL®

Benefit from our know-how!

Based on many years of experience in university teaching, Prof. Dr. rer. nat. habil. Ziegenbalg offers the following training courses:

  • Introduction to Chemical Technology
  • Graphical presentation and quantitative analysis of salt-solution equilibriums (duration 3 days)
  • The use of phase diagrams to describe crystallization and dissolution processes during Sylvinite and Carnallite processing (An introduction to the fundamentals of the system NaCl-KCl-MgCl2-H2O), (duration 2 days)
  • The solid-liquid phase equilibriums of the quinary system of the oceanic salts (duration 4 days)
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Further training courses DE EN
CaLoSiL® application symposium – Properties, applications and handling of CaLoSiL® products (duration 1 day) pdf pdf
Salt-solution equilibriums pdf pdf
Quinary system of oceanic salts pdf pdf
Sylvinite and Carnallite pdf
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All courses are offered in German as well as in English. Please contact us for the dates of the training courses as well as for possibilities of in-house training.

You are planning to dispatch your dangerous goods across the road, by ship or plane? We help you to create the necessary transport documents, as well as professional packaging and loading of your shipment.


Dangerous good
Dispatch │ Road │ ADR │ IMO │ IMDG │ Shippers │ IATA-DGR

Do you know the situation? You would like to ship a material and it turns out that it is a dangerous good?

We can help! Ask us!

Classification of substances based on the manufacturers data
Dispatch of your dangerous goods with selected logistics service providers

Dispatch by plane

  • Packaging according to the directives IATA-DGR
  • Labeling of packages
  • Issuing of all necessary documents including Shipper’s Declaration
  • If required, registration to selected forwarders

Dispatch by ship

  • Packing according to the guidelines of the IMDG codes
  • Labeling of packages
  • Creating the IMO declaration
  • If required, registration to selected forwarders