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The product lines CaLoSiL® - CaLoXiL® - CaSoPaL® have been developed as toolbox of compatible materials for the conservation of stone, mortar and plaster. All materials contain lime as binder, whereby the CaLoSiL® products contain nanoparticles while the CaLoXiL® products base on mixtures of nanolime and conventional white lime. They have been developed for the preservation of stone, mortar and plaster. Especially the products of the CaLoSiL® and CaLoXiL® series were used in the different fields of monument preservation. Furthermore, the products of the CaSoPaL® series are also used in ecological construction and mold removal. Some products have been developed and successfully implemented within the framework of the EU project Stonecore.

We offer the following products developed in our company:

CaLoSiL®-products for structural strengthening

  • Nanolime is dispersed in different alcohols
  • Lime concentration in the range of 5 g/L up to 50 g/L

CaLoXiL®-products for surface and crack treatment

  • Lime repair mortar
  • Lime injection mortar
  • Lime putty, lime sludges and lime glaze


  • CaSoPaL® plus* for safe removal of fungal and algal growth
  • Lime paints
  • Lime roller plaster

A comprehensive overview about our products is given here.

Further products:

For quotation requests or orders please use our order form.

Please contact us, whenever you have any questions to our products, their handling and use.

Nano lime │ CaLoSiL® │ Stone conservation
Structural strengthening of stone, mortar, plaster and wall paintings

CaLoSiL® is the first commercially available ready-to-use stone strengthener based on lime [(Ca(OH)2] nanoparticles. These are stably dispersed in different alcohols (ethanol, n-propanol or iso-propanol). The letters behind the name “CaLoSiL®” indicate the used solvent and the numbers give the total calcium hydroxide concentration in g/L. “E” stands for ethanol, “IP” for iso-propanol and “NP” for n-propanol. For example, E25 means, 25 g/L calcium hydroxide dispersed in ethanol.The Ca(OH)2 particles have sizes between 150 nm and 250 nm which guarantees deep penetration into damaged areas. Depending on the product type, the calcium hydroxide content is between 10 and 50 g/L. Fine calcium hydroxide particles are precipitated within treated materials after evaporation of the alcohol. These convert into calcium carbonate by reaction with atmospheric carbon dioxide. All alcohols evaporate completely. Chemicals or residues deteriorating stone or mortar are not formed. CaLoSiL® can be applied by dipping, capillary suction, spraying or injection. It is important that the complete weathered zone of the stone is treated. All CaLoSiL® products are completely intermixable. They can be diluted in all ratios with ethanol, iso- /n-propanol. A favourable application is also given in combination with silicic acid esters. For this purpose, the material to be treated is first pretreated with CaLoSiL®. After evaporation of the alcohol, silicic acid esters are applied. The fine lime deposited from CaLoSiL® acts both as adhesive promoting the binding of the silicic acid ester on the substrate and as catalyst accelerating the hydrolysis of the silicic acid ester.

CaLoSiL® E: based on ethanol, contains nanolime in concentrations up to 50 g/L
CaLoSiL® IP: based on iso-Propanol, contains up to 25 g/L nanolime
CaLoSiL® NP: based on n-Propanol, contains up to 25 g/L nanolime
CaLoSiL® grey: based on ethanol, more transparent compared to other CaLoSiL® products, especially for the strengthening of wall paintings
CaLoSiL® paste like: highly concentrated dispersion of nanolime in ethanol, for crack filling or production of special binders or mortars
CaLoSiL® micro: Fine lime particles (3 μm) in ethanol, for filling of small cracks or for the production of binders with graded particle sizes

In addition to the single products we offer several test set containing different types.

For quotation requests or orders please use our order form.

Please contact us, whenever you have any questions concerning our products, their handling and use.

You will also receive comprehensive advice from our distributors.

We offer the following CaLoXiL®-products:

caloxil produkte

Nano lime │ CaLoXiL® │ Stone conservation
Open for diffusion │ Dispersed │ White lime hydrate │ Crack filling

CaLoXiL®-products are based on gradated mixtures of white lime hydrate, marble flour and CaLoSiL®-nanolime. They are produced by a special dispersion process characterized by high shear rates, resulting in materials having excellent application properties.

The exactly graduated particle size distribution of all components results in excellent mechanical properties and fast carbonation. All products are free of any additional organic binders. High water vapor diffusion capillarity, a capillary active pore space, good adhesion properties on mineral and absorbent substrates as well as low shrinkage and high freeze-thaw resistance are typical for all CaLoXiL®-products. Due to their alkaline character the materials have antibacterial properties and inhibit the growth of algae and mold.

CaLoXiL® repair mortar: Open for diffusion and shrinkage free, larger cracks and cavities

CaLoXiL® injection mortar “WF”: Highly flowable injection grout with low water content, ethanol based

CaLoXiL® injection mortar “Classic”: Classic, water based mortar for filling of finest cracks, cavities, trays and scales

CaLoXiL® filler: Traditional limefiller mass for surface finishing, filling of cracks and smoothing irregularities

CaLoXiL® slurry fine: Lime slurries with fine marble flour for filling of shrinkage cracks and for surface finishing

CaLoXiL® slurry coarse: Crack-bridging slurry with coarser additives

CaLoXiL® lime glaze: Ready-to-use, slightly glazing lime paint

For quotation requests or orders please use our order form.

Please contact us, whenever you have any questions concerning our products, their handling and use.

Also our distributors will answer your questions in detail.

Our CaSoPaL® products have an antibacterial effect, which removes the biological growth (mold, algae) and inhibits a new growth.

CaSoPaL® │ Nano lime │ Mildew removal │ Chlorine free
We have something against mold! You also? We can help you! Please order directly by us.

Safe – Effective – Ecological

The occurrence of mold is an increasing problem which affects the health of millions of people. The visible infestation often represents only a fraction of the infected areas.
The CaSoPaL® anti-mold system offers an ecological and safe control - without the use of chlorine or other highly toxic biocides.

  • CaSoPaL® plus is the first medium, which combines the disinfecting effect of alcohol with the longterm effects of lime.
  • With CaSoPaL® plus you have the possibility to remove mold in living rooms and buildings safely and quickly.
  • Alcohol is the safest way to kill mold. Lime suspended in the alcohol creates a long-term mold-free milieu due to its high pH value.
  • During the production of CaSoPaL® plus only non-toxic, environmentally and healthy harmless substances are used.
CaSoPaL® plus: Nano lime suspended in ethanol, safe mold removal, long term effect, depth effect, no usage of health harming substances, no harmful byproducts
CaSoPaL® lime paint: Ready-for-use lime paint, diffusion-open, highly alkaline, abrasion resistant, tintable with alkalinity resistant pigments, application possible by brushing, rolling and spraying
CaSoPaL® clean: Disinfectant for the treatment of mildew on wallpaper or other materials, which have to be removed during the refurbishment of rooms and buildings
CaSoPaL® lime paint Brilliant: Ready-for-use, highly alkaline, diffusion open lime paint, abrasion resistant, brilliant white due to the addition of titanium dioxide, high covering capacity, tintable with alkalinity resistant pigments

* Use CaSoPaL® plus safely. Please read the label and product information before usage.

For quotation requests or orders please use our order form.

Please contact us, whenever you have any questions concerning our products, their handling and use.

You will also receive comprehensive advice from our distributors.

Mold in living spaces

Molds are components of the natural environment. Only when they occur in high concentrations, they can be detrimental, e.g. in living spaces. Because of excessive spore strain, the human being reacts from slightly allergic reactions and disorders of the mental condition up to severe chronic respiratory diseases and eczema.

How do you recognize a mold fungus?

The presence of mold fungi is not always that obvious as shown in the pictures. Check the spore amount of your living spaces, whenever it is suspected!

schimmelbefall 001
schimmelbefall 002
schimmelbefall 003

You support mildew growth by

Creating optimum growth conditions:

  • High air humidity (> 70%)
  • Temperatures between 20 and 30°C (some prefer higher and some prefer lower temperatures)
  • Neutral or slightly acidic pH of the underground
  • Presence of nutrients such as wallpaper, wallpaper paste, wood, textiles etc. (organic compounds)

Wrong using behavior:

  • Insufficient or wrong ventilation and heating
  • High humidity release in closed rooms

Construction errors in building constructions

  • Insufficient heat insolation
  • Thermal bridges for heat transfer
  • Missing protection for heavy rain showers
  • Missing or damaged sealing to outside

Inappropriate structural modifications (applied afterwards):

  • Heat sealing
  • Windows
schimmelbekaempfung en

How to prohibit mildew:

Changes in building constructions

  • Sealing in vertical and horizontal areas
  • Changes of the temperatures on wall surfaces (baseboard and wall area heating, sealing in inner and outer areas)
  • Avoidance of heat transfer bridges

Change of usage behavior

  • Raising room temperature for lower air humidity
  • Correct ventilation and heating
  • Removing of humidity precipitation on wall tiles and windows
  • Placing furniture in distance to the wall

Removing mildew

  • Cleaning with hydrogen peroxide solution or potash >> no depth effect
  • Cleaning with ethanol >> no long-term effect
  • Cleaning with mildew sprays containing chlorine or biocides >> uncontrolled release of toxic chlorine
  • Cleaning with CaSoPaL® plus >> long term effect combined with depth effect without using of toxic compounds
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