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Advanced Course on Conservation and Restoration Techniques of Traditional Architecture for the Asia-Pacific Region — Lime for Cultural Heritage Conservation and Restoration

At the invitation of the World Cultural Heritage Institute for Education and Research-Asia and the Pacific, in February Mr. Prof. Dr. Ziegenbalg hade the opportunity to present our CaLoSiL® products in a workshop with practical applications.

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Initiation of business Polen

During this working trip we were able to successful present our company at the local market and to discover the field of historic preservation in Poland. We would like to thank the organisation team and all interested parties and interlocutors.

Here you can find our company presentation (german)

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Do you know our environmentally friendly mildew killer CaSoPaL® plus?

CaSoPaL® plus is the first agent, which combines a disinfected effect of alcohol and the long term influence of lime.

The lime is suspended in alcohol, where a high pH creates an area without mildew growing. The application is very easy by spraying. After purification of the treated areas it is possible applying plaster work or paintings renewed. For that we recommend using mineral and lime based products. In March 2012 the police department gave our product a chance and they were amazed about the good results. Try it by yourself!

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Services offered are e.g. measurements of viscosity, strengths of different materials or analysis for grain size distribution until nanometer level as well as chemical analysis. We are also doing research for you! In the past we successfully improved products and processes of our clients which you can find here.

We are looking forward solving your problem and we improve your products/ processes.

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