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Tel.: + 49 (0) 3731 / 200 155

We test and develop construction materials in accordance with DIN standards, optimize them and adjust their composition to special demands. Our core competences are:

  • Gypsum / anhydrite based materials (self-leveling floating screeds, mortars, plaster, render)
  • Lime, natural hydraulic lime for mortars, renders, plaster
  • Cement based materials (alone or in combination with fly ashes, slags etc.) for special applications (tunnel grouting, shaft sealing, bulkhead constructions, rock grouting etc.)
  • Development of backfill materials, including encapsulation of contaminants

The following services are offered:

  • Determination of flowability, setting time, viscosity
  • Determination of the mechanical properties (compressive / bending tensile strength etc.)
  • Optimization of the water / binder ratio
  • Determination of frost and thaw resistance
  • Determination of capillarity and water retention
  • Determination of water contents by CM (calcium carbide) method
  • Determination of the thermal degradation behavior (DTA/TG measurements)
  • Fresh mortar characterization
  • Determination of adhesive pull strength
  • Particle size determinations by sieving or measuring with Coulter Laser Diffraction Particle Size Analyzer LS13320
  • Ultrasonic testing of all types of construction materials
  • Determination of shrinkage and swelling and swelling pressure

We have many years of experiences in all services and offer also on-site quality control as well as special, nonstandard measurements (swelling pressure, permeability measurements etc.).