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Our core competences are:

All investigations are realized user-specific in close co-operation with our clients. Short realization times and confidentiality are main aspects of our work. All investigations follow good laboratory practice guidelines and base on the state of the art. Our technical equipment allows experimental work up to the pilot scale.

BaSO4-precipitation pdf
Potash and salt processing pdf
Ca(OH)2-precipitation pdf
Heavy metal immobilization at Wismut GmbH pdf
Geotechnics and Geochemistry pdf pdf pdf
Gypsum-precipitation pdf
CaCO3-precipitation pdf
Provoked mineral synthesis pdf pdf

For the processing of your contracts, we have extensive equipment at our disposal, for example:

  • Extensive building materials testing equipment, for strength test, air content, wetness, start of solidification, swelling, dwindle etc.
  • Thermal analyzer Shimadzu DTG 60H
  • AAS PerkinElmer
  • Universal testing machine Inspekt 10 kN (compressive, flexural, tensile strength)
  • UV-VIS-Spectrometer Specord 50
  • IKA magicLab (colloid milling, dispersing)
  • QVF-10 Liter reaction unit (temperature-controlled mixing vessel including condenser and reflux valve)
  • Normag stirred tank reactor 10 L, temperature-controlled, distillation head included
  • Hach Turbidimeter 2100 (turbid tightness measurement)
  • Rheometer Brookfield CAP 2000+
  • Viscometer Brookfield DV-II+
  • Rotary evaporator Heidolph Laborota 4000
  • Muffle furnace Nabertherm 1300°C
  • Retsch mechanical screening device
  • Ultrasonic cleaning device up to a volume of 2 liters
  • Various small laboratory equipment such as stirrers, pH-conductivity-redox-measuring instruments, pumps, temperature-controlled shaking baths or thermostats
  • Denver D12, laboratory flotation system with cells of 5 and 10 liter
  • Universal flotation machine with 1x4 und 2x2 cells of 7 liters each
  • Miniplant for crystallization experiments with 2/3/5 liter stirred tank reactors
  • 4 liter DTB-crystallisator
  • Laboratory dissolver

We are looking forward to assist you in resolving upcoming tasks.